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WHERE | The Green House Peru, Huaran

WHEN | April 21st - May 1st, 2024

This training is a deep dive into classical shamanic practice. Students will not only learn and experience these healing techniques, but this training is also a personal initiation into a deeper experience of the Self. We will be working with these techniques and various types of ceremony and ritual to bring about self-gnosis.

This is an intensive training, students should have some grounding in shamanic journeying, another modality of energy healing or have a strong practice and relationship with their spirit allies/intuition.


The Shamanic Journey

Learn the ancient practice of shamanic journeying and how to navigate the non-ordinary realms of the shaman.


Deepen your relationship with your power animals and guardian spirits and learn how to work with them to receive guidance, insight and healing for both yourself and others.


Learn how to open your states perception to receive accurate and clear information from your spirit allies. 


Learn the causes and effects of power loss, how to prevent it and how to retrieve lost power for others.


Receive and experience a power animal retrieval.


Learn how to facilitate a power animal retrieval for others and inspire positive change in the lives of your clients.

Soul Retrieval

Learn more deeply about illness and trauma from a shamanic perspective and how the practice of soul retrieval is deeply effective when working with clients who have experienced physical and/or emotional trauma, such as abuse, addiction, accidents, and other challenging life situations


Learn about how soul loss occurs and the different types of soul retrieval that we will be practicing in this module


Both receive and practice soul retrieval techniques


Learn how to track and bring back soul fragments to your client.


Life after healing – how to support clients in integrating soul parts back into their life after the healing has taken place and inspiring them to live a full and whole-hearted life


Learn the practice of soul retrieval for healing land


Ethics and Client Etiquette – how to hold powerful transformative space and how to communicate effectively and confidently with clients.


Shamanic Extraction

Learn about the causes and effects of energetic intrusion and how these mis-placed energies create dis-ease and disharmony in our life and health.


Learn techniques to step into deeper relationship with your allies and guardian spirits to safely perform this work.


Learn techniques to safely remove and dispose of energetic intrusions from client’s energy body that may be causing both emotional and physical imbalance and illness.


Experience a shamanic extraction.


Experience more advanced shamanic journeying techniques to further develop your practice for deeper insight and healing.



How to work with clients with special cases such as pregnancy, children, and those with terminal illness.

Learn how to safely and effectively perform these healing techniques for clients remotely, from any part of the world

We will ​journey together through traditional ceremonial practices as initiation into this work

Cusco is an incredibly beautiful and powerful part of Pachamama with much wisdom to share.

We will take excursions to sacred waterfalls, Incan ruins and learn the wisdom of this sacred land through direct connection with the spirits and elementals that dwell here.

This is a highly experiential training to give you a solid understanding of shamanic practice. 


To support your journey after completion of this training, we will gather together, bi-monthly, in the online space to continue to refine and deepen these practices. This is also an opportunity for students to gather, share experiences, ask questions and receive support as they continue to evolve as practitioners.



Your Home Away From Home During Your Training

The Green House

The Green House is a beautiful eco-conscious retreat center located in the Sacred Valley of Peru - one of the most powerful energetic regions on earth. A home away from home, surrounded by sacred mountains and hidden waterfalls.

You can expect warm welcomes, inspiring teachings, delicious high vibe vegetarian meals, comfy beds, majestic views of the feminine mountain Pitusiray, and lots of good conversation and hot teas around the cozy fireplace.

What's Included:

All tuition incl individual mentorship
3 meals daily
10 nights accommodation
All excursions / day trips

What's Not Included:

Transport to the training center from Cusco (1 hour) 
Travel insurance
Personal items and expenses

Past Student Testimonials:

"I took Jaime’s Shamanic Practitioner training course in 2020 and it is not an exaggeration to say that it completely changed my life. Jaime’s approach to the work stems from a strong base of knowledge, years of practical experience, and above all compassion and humour. She sets an open and safe environment not only conducive to learning but to creative play and camaraderie. The course was a perfect balance of theory and practice with a lot of time for hands-on work. Questions about the finer details of working with shamanism as well how shamanism fits within the context of modern society, were always answered in a digestible way that made sense. I can’t wait to take more advanced courses with Jaime (and her allies) again. I 200% recommend this course to anyone interested in reconnecting to their spirituality, power, and intuition or anyone else interested to add this modality to their offerings as a practitioner or as a home practice to deepen and enrich their own personal development!"


"I had such a wonderful experience during the shamanic training with Jaime. She holds the most beautiful space and is one of the kindest teachers I've had the privilege of working with. The shamanic training deeply changed my life and the practice has given me such incredible guidance these past two years - as well as the ability to heal myself, my family, and others on a profound level. I've been working with Jaime for over two years now and she has brought immense healing to my life. I couldn't recommend her more as a teacher, mentor, and guide for someone who wishes to step into the world of shamanism."


"The Shamanic course with Jaime is a big recommendation! I started to do this course to become more deeply connected to the realms of Spirit. With Jaime, walking this journey just felt right, she is a beautiful soul that possesses infinite knowledge and knows how to share this. In the sessions I felt safe and held, like a friend more than a student. This gave me a feeling of home and belonging. The tools I obtained out of this course I still carry with me and practice in my daily life. It helped me through difficult times and at this point they strengthened my own light as I shine. I am grateful beyond words with this sharing. Thank you so much Jaime!"



WHEN | The Green House Peru, Huaran

WHERE | April 21st - 31st, 2024

PRICE | $3,300 USD

*Payment plans available upon request. Contact us below.

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