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Something magical happens when we come together in ceremony with a shared intention for healing and insight.


Known to the ancient Mayans as ‘Food of the Gods’, Cacao has been used for centuries as a heart opening medicine and a way of opening a direct portal between us and Spirit.


These group containers are a deep dive into the heart, held by a loving community. Each ceremony is unique and offers an open door to explore deeper parts of ourselves, release that which is no longer aligned with our highest truth and step into our own authenticity, personal power and sovereignty.


To step into relationship with this plant spirit has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have been working ceremonially with Cacao as a medicine for the past 7 years and have witnessed such deep transformation and healing take place, not only within myself but also in the lives of my clients and students and the 100's of people to whom I have served this medicine over the years.


I am deeply honoured to be offering these spaces and to be a carrier of this medicine.

Spaces are limited to keep the intimacy of a small group container.

Preparation details and Cacao recipe are sent upon booking. 

Please feel free to get in touch with questions or further enquiries.

WHEN | February 19th 2023

WHERE | Online


              PM EUROPE

              10 AM NEW YORK

              10 AM LIMA

PRICE | $27.00 

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