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"I wanted to work with Jaime because I have been on a spiritual development journey for some time and her manner and knowledge offer something I hadn’t been able

to find working with anyone else.


                                                                                                                                                                                               - NAOMI, UK

Over the years I have worked on myself, I have read a ton of books, done developmental course after course and worked in a variety of groups and individually with coaches and other personal development professionals.

Working with Jaime was a clearly conscious choice. I needed someone who could support me in whatever way was needed; someone experienced and courageous enough to challenge me if necessary and someone who could work multi-layered in a single instance.

Jaime guided me to an individual healing ceremony, which was exactly what I needed. I needed someone who would be totally dedicated to my evolution in the time we were together and that is exactly what I received. Jaime created a beautiful, nurturing environment and welcomed me in. I felt so supported, so cared for and completely trusted everything we were to do together. It was an honour to work with her, and together we were honouring our souls and all the souls before and after us. Our work was powerful beyond measure. She guided me where necessary and followed me when needed. The messages she shared were so clear, so powerful and she took me deeper and further than I had conceived would happen.

Working with Jaime signified the end of an era for me – I was able to finally integrate key aspects of my soul development that I have been working on for years. Hand on heart, working with Jaime is powerful beyond measure, and she brings something unique to your spiritual development."



"Working with Jaime was an incredibly transformative experience, 6 months after we finished our ‘Deep Dive’ I’m still finding threads of the work unfolding. In short my life has quite drastically changed, and I genuinely believe a lot of this stems from the time I had with Jaime.

Jaime as a facilitator holds the most amazing, supportive and safe space. Jaime is incredibly trustworthy, and she holds and nurtures your trust so humbly and gently, because of this I found I was able to drop so deeply into what my soul needed and go to places I haven’t been able to with other practitioners.


Thank you Jaime. Words don’t really do justice to what unfolded over the 3 months of working with you, but I feel so grateful for the depths I went to, and the constant support you gave throughout our time together and in the weeks after. You enabled me to navigate a really strange time in my life and, to look back now at what has changed and the journey since then, it’s really quite amazing." 

                                                                                                                                                                         - CATHERINE, UK


"Jaime´s highly professional work is characterized by a profound skillset,


                                                                                                                                                                                               - LINDA, PERU

years long experience in her energetic and spiritual work and a good amount of talent and a natural, strong connection to the spiritual world. I was impressed by what she had seen and felt in our session regarding my state of being. I could take away profound insights and tangible advice on how to proceed with the results of our session in moving forward on my path"


"I have been working directly with Jaime doing 1 to 1 sessions for over a year now.

I turned to Jaime when I was finally done with the end of another relationship and I couldn't deal with anymore heartbreak in my life. During my sessions with Jaime she showed me how to soften my heart and allow pain to move through me safely and she helped to bring answers to so many of my questions. I am slowly and surely stepping into the woman I chose and want to become, I feel my life inside and out is very different from our first session and I now live every day with hope and knowing that there is so much more joy and happiness to come to me."


                                                                                                                                                                         - TERI-DEE RUBERY, ICELAND


"Call it divine intervention, meeting Jaime at a significant point in my spiritual
quest in Peru, for me was a true blessing on so many levels.


                                                                                                                                                                                    - GINA, CANADA

I would say I have always been attuned with  my spiritual and emotional side, however, what I needed I could not accomplish without Jaime’s expertise. During several sessions, with the guidance of Jaime, I was able to see and understand my strengths and my weaknesses. More so, I was able to see a clear path and understand that it was okay and safe to work through my own personal challenges. When I felt defeated, Jaime was there to identity my leaps and bounds and her love provided me with the tools to keep moving forward. I will continue to work with Jaime and I will forever be grateful to have crossed paths with her."



"Jaime is absolutely excellent. Her mastery of the work and her ability to hold such a safe space for her client is truly unmatched.

I did not know what to expect going into the session. All I knew was that Jaime was brilliant and as she held me for those two or so hours, and as I listened to the beating of her drum and the rattling of the instruments and music and whispers of the honeybee - all I knew was I was safe and I was held and in excellent hands to surrender to my utmost healing. 

I lay there soaking up all elements of the session and then afterwards - the things that came through in terms of the images she saw in my personal journey and the advice spirit had for me channeled through her were exactly on target. It gave me full reassurance of where I am on my own journey and the necessary steps to support my healing process. 

I was absolutely impressed and taken aback by not just the images Jaime saw throughout the Shamanic journey led by her guides, but by the courage it takes to trust in this journey of deep soul connection and soul retrieval. To trust the images you see through the mind’s eye and the heart’s intuitive wisdom. It is an inspiration. Her courage is unmatched and her sincerity of heart and soul is true. The images were poignant and spoke to my heart and spirit, though never seen through my body’s eyes. I felt completely taken care of and knew within my heart that it was safe to trust in Jaime’s own intuitive guidance and wisdom to lead me on a journey of further healing and deepening of the soul." 


                                                                                                                                                                                                - EMMA, USA

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